“I highly recommend International X-ray Brokers when decommissioning your Imaging equipment. Bob from International X-ray always gives a fair price for your asset and personalized service. He has been very flexible and accommodating when our renovation and equipment install schedules change.”

- Stephen Brodette MBA, Department of Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital

“I have worked with Bob Feldman from International X-Ray Brokers for over 20 years on the Department of Imaging removal of all types of X-Ray equipment: portables, x-ray rooms,rad fluoro, angiography, nuclear rooms and other imaging equipment. I have never had a problem on the removal of equipment with International X-Ray Brokers. Bob has always offered competitive pricing, along with coordinating the necessary arrangements to have the equipment removed so it did not affect the patient flow and done on our time frame.”

“I would highly recommend International X-Ray Brokers to any hospital or clinic.”

- John Loftus ,Department of Radiology, Brigham’s & Women’s Hospital

“I have known Bob Feldman of International X-ray Brokers, and have done business with him for many years. I consider Bob honest, trustworthy and a friend. I would have no hesitation referring him to others in our industry. Bob will do business in an open and ethical manner.”

- Bill Carhart,President,MRN Resources,Inc